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Bianca's hair journey started early. She's been experimenting with hair ever since she was a kid. Growing up idolizing the look of her favorite musicians and bold women of every era, she was always staining her parents bathroom with the brightest punk hair color she could manage to get her hands on. Technically, she's had hair and makeup clients since she was 13 years old, so it was no surprise to anyone when she enrolled in Cosmetology school and began her professional hair career right here in Asbury Park at the age of 18. She quickly worked her way up from assistant to full time stylist, and in the decade since then, her passion for her career and love of travel has brought her all over the world and into every aspect of the industry.

Feeling frustrated and uninspired by typical "salon culture," she decided the only way to find the place she was looking for was to create it herself, so Bianca and Laura Allen did just that when they opened Lock & Shade back in 2016. Her greatest joy comes from witnessing the true community of good times, self love and support that lives in this salon. In her spare time Bianca is a proud volunteer at her local Planned Parenthood and is passionate about her community and feminist activism. This salons true purpose is blending these worlds together to create an environment that not only focuses on giving you your best look, but to empower every client from the inside out.


Bianca is no longer booking salon clients, but remains extremely in demand for her bridal and editorial work. She also personally trains our entire bridal team.

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