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After working, playing and loving in Asbury Park for years, we decided it was time to open a space of our own, and dedicate it to supporting local art, music, culture and giving back to our community.


We proudly use our platform to openly promote intersectional feminist causes, provide a safe space, and support organizations that do the same. In the 5 years since opening, we have helped raise and donate 80K to different organizations we believe in, we've listed some of them below! They are local, national, and global, and we encourage you to check them out!

Planned Parenthood (Shrewsbury Clinic)

Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Asbury Park Community Beach Badge Fund

Garden State Equality

NAACP Legal Defense Fund



Our space is filled with art from our neighbors Parlor Gallery, an art gallery on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park. The pieces are for sale and rotate out seasonally. Come by and check them out! For more information you can contact them at 


Our retail products are R&CO and R&CO BLEU. They are are certified vegan, cruelty free, and made with sustainably and responsibly sourced eco friendly ingredients and packaging. Our luxury R&CO BLEU line also pledges to plant a tree for every product purchased. They have absolutely NO sulfates, parabens, dea, tea, propylene glycol or gluten (Not to mention high quality & color safe).


We categorize and price our appointments based on time and service NOT gender. We find this to be the only logical way to do things while staying true to our "Come As You Are" mentality, and support of our local LGBTQ community and trans and non-binary clients. See more pricing info on our "SERVICES" page.


We offer "quiet appointments" for any client who prefers not to have conversation during their service due to anxiety, disability or preference. Please let us know when booking and our front desk will be sure to let your artist know. You will still receive a full consultation as needed, but your artist will know to let you relax in silence for as long as you'd like through out your service. 

Are we missing something? We are always striving to grow and learn how to be better allies in our community. You can always email us your ideas and suggestions!

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