Nikki has found her true talent in the beauty industry. At 24, she decided to laser focus on her career and enroll at the Capri Institute. She began assisting with us in Asbury Park and we've had the extreme privilege of watching her grow into the stylist she is today. Our assistant-mentor relationship quickly became a friendship as well. Nikki is wholeheartedly dedicated to constantly furthering her education and staying a step ahead of the game. She has taken any class she could get her hands on. Shes traveled solo to Chicago to observe classes from the best artists in the industry: celebrity stylists such as Sally Hershberger and Chris McMillan. She truly puts that knowledge to good use and you can see the proof in her work, specializing in balayage and hair painting. 

"Making people feel beautiful every single day and being lucky enough to come on this incredible  journey with my two insanely talented and wonderful friends, Laura and Bianca, is such an amazing thing" she says. Other than her husband and two rescue pups, her true loves are all things hair, fashion and bridal.

Portfolio Instagram: @HairAndMakeupByNik