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After extensive training with our team, we are so proud to finally introduce Gabriella Caprio to the floor! Gabriella has taken time to learn from all our talented artists, and it was clear her heart was meant to color hair! To prepare for the floor she's excelled in all our salon education as well as daily one-on-one apprenticeships with our most sought after colorists. A true artist at heart, Gab is always changing up her look and is obsessed with trying any new hair trends. Her favorite appointments usually include balayage and fun vivid color projects. We are SO excited for you to get in her chair and so is she, although you may have already met her around Asbury enjoying live music and antique stores.



Specialities: Balayage + Fun Vivid Color Projects

Pronouns: she/her


With this discounted Junior Stylist Pricing please keep a few things in mind. While we stand behind all our artists work, Junior Stylists are new to the floor, so your appointment may take extra time, and an experienced artist will be checking in to track her progress and offer advice. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we allow our artists to grow!

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